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Bitafono allows you to accept Bitcoin as a payment method

You can accept Bitcoin payments for your business in easy and secure way, using our Bitafono app.

Accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for your business will give you the exposure to a new sector of customers who use cryptocurrencies. The App is free and it is our job to assure that you know how to use it.

If the client pays in Bitcoin what do I get?

BitBase will provide the exchange rate for Bitcoin/Euro at the purchasing time It is your choice to ask for instant exchange to Euro (and you will receive the payment in Euro to your bank account), or keep the received payment in Bitcoin. It’s up to you!

Fast payment

At the time of paying the customer will see the amount in euros and the equivalent value in bitcoin.
The app will generates a QR code with the final amount in bitcoin.. The customer will scan it and the payment will be processed.

This operation only takes a few seconds and the amount is paid. Proof of payment will be generated similar to the generated one using credit card machines.

It does not cost anything to your business

Accepting Bitcoin payment for your business is totally free with Bitbase. You will receive exactly the same value for your products or services in Euro.

Bitcoin payments

The BitBase Bitáfono app is an innovative payment system based on Bitcoin. Paying in Bitcoin is very common in many countries like Japan and the USA. We live in a country where tourism is an economic engine, and by accepting bitcoin, we will increase our growth.. Do you want to stay behind?

Thanks to bitafono, accepting bitcoin payment for your business only needs a mobile device or tablet, no need for any machines.

Bitáfono is very simple WebApp, no need to be an expert in bitcoin to be able to process a payment, the program is designed to be very simple and easy to use.


BitBase will transfer your payment in euros to your bank account as a bank transfer.

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DayDream Festival

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The first edition of Daydream Spain was held at the Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya, better known as Circuito de Montmeló.
The Daydream is an international music festival with more than 8 editions that has more than 200,000 attendees.
The tickets of first edition of DayDream in Spain was SOLD OUT in a few minutes, and one of its main novelties was accepting bitcoin as a payment to buy tickets and subscriptions.

An embedded payment gateway was developed in the official website of the festival to allow user to pay by bitcoin through the BitBase webapp.

Accept Bitcoin as a payment method

The Bitáfono was in a number of press releases media in Spain and internationally.. The headlines about the DayDream Spain 2018 that was the first festival to accept bitcoin for the tickets purchase.

If you have an event, concert or any service and you need to charge in bitcoin contact us.

Restaurante Don Tomate

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Don Tomate is one of the first restaurants in Barcelona to accept bitcoin as a payment method. Enjoy its varied and complete Mediterranean menu, good cocktails and with your friends you can book your cellar with special menus.

Join many shops and restaurants that accept bitcoin in Spain.

The restaurant, with two floors, also has a nice terrace, covered and with heaters in winter. The interior rooms provide a rustic air, with its stone walls, where the atmosphere is informal, cozy, ideal for lunch or dinner with friends. They also have a cocktail menu, with a wide selection of gins and tonic.

Accept Bitcoin as a payment method

Discotheque Small´s Barcelona

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Small’s is a fashionable nightclub located in one of the most prestigious areas of Barcelona. The decoration of Small’s is inspired by the clubs of big cities like London and New York. It has an avant-garde atmosphere, a ceiling decorated with 400 diamonds leds. Perfect space for a fun night in Barcelona.

It has vip zones, illuminated bars with lights acclimated according to the theme of the party and music, the perfect atmosphere is formed to enjoy the best top hits.

Bitafono - Bitcoin

Small’s Vip Zones can be reserved in advance through payment with bitcoin.

Being a club featuring personalized environments depend on the events and theme parties. To pay in bitcoin, consult with the administration of Small’s Club Barcelona.

Rental Car Deluxe

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Rent Car Deluxe is a company specialized in vehicles rental, with or without driver; high-end sports cars and perfect to give that touch of distinction to all kinds of events. It has rental points in the most important tourist centers of Spain.

Rates depend on the model and rental period. In the catalogs you can choose by brands and details to find your favorite.

You can acquire exclusive vehicles. Rent Car Deluxe has the experience in vehicle acquisition with the primary purchase service. Processing of documentation, taxes, registration and transportation. The vehicle can be delivered to your home.

Rent car deluxe bitcoin
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