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Buy Bitcoin in BitBase is also possible without leaving home, make your purchase online and receive your Bitcoin directly to your wallet.

BitBase offers physical stores that guarantee you total security to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It also has professionals from the sector willing to advise you on every question and need you have when you visit any of our stores. In addition, this guarantee and security of the brand at the physical level, reaches the digital world to buy bitcoins easily through our website.

Buying bitcoins is not as complicated as it seems to many, the key is to understand all the bases of its operation, to be clear about the objectives by which we reach this digital universe and to do it in a reliable place in a safe way.

Bank transfers, commissions and taxes of the traditional system are not the only option at present and much less in the future. Bitcoin proposes a free and decentralized economy that allows each user to manage their own money.

It is not possible to falsify this currency since they are a limited amount that is controlled by all members of the system. Unlike traditional entities, this system works 24 hours a day and in all places on the planet regardless of political or geographical boundaries.

BitBase is a recognized company in the Crypto sector that has stores in different cities in Spain with specialized advisors that guarantee total security in transactions and special customer service. Another priority for BitBase is to inform about the existence of Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies. Not only because they are the products that the stores offer but to give the public in general, all the information they need to invest in the economy and the currencies of the future. Take charge of their money and their lives.

Currently the use of cryptocurrencies is increasing and is accepted in more and more places as a payment method as valid as cash or bank cards, however it is still a minority compared to others.

An increasing usability is that of buying products and services. You can use them as a regular currency when you buy products or services in physical establishments or on the web. Although there are still few of the total that accept these types of currencies, in the United States and Japan there are more and more businesses where you can make payments in bitcoins, we recommend you also inquire about bitcoin cash. To make a payment for example in a store, these have QR codes that are scanned by the client to be able to make the immediate payment in the cryptocurrency.

Another of the most common uses is the issue of transfers, for example to make payments to other people in these cryptocurrencies, or you yourself receive payments in cryptocurrencies for selling certain products or services from anywhere in the world, even in the future, from the galaxy. Now that you know the best of Bitcoin and its unstoppable growth, we invite you to The Bitcoin Store in Spain.

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