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Bitcoin is digital money with decentralized and secure payment network. Bitcoin allows you to exchange value anywhere in the world quickly and with low transfer fees. The main advantages are the high security, the absence of intermediaries and privacy.. It is the internet money.

Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, as an electronic payment system based on mathematical proofs. The idea was to produce a currency independent of any central authority, electronically transferable, instantaneously, with very low transaction rates.

Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that does not have a real owner, the ownership is distributed between all the holder of bitcoin coins. The bitcoin units are limited to 21 million, something that reinforces its value as a non-inflationary asset.

Let’s give an example that reflects the nature of bitcoin: There are ten people in a desert, 9 have diamonds and one of them has water. At that case we can exchange that bottle of water for a diamond, something that we would never do in the city. Similar scenario with Bitcoin. Everyone has “the money of a lifetime” and wants to buy Bitcoin because the amount of Bitcoins is limited. The increase in demand only may increase the price of Bitcoin. If you want to buy Bitcoin for speculative purposes you must be aware that it is a very volatile market, so having strategies and the required knowledge is important

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